Safety & Compliance

At Rosedale, we take responsibility for the people and equipment we have moving your freight.  With a full time Safety Director, Professional Driver/Warehouse Trainers and regular training sessions, the men and women both on and off the road consistently ensure every aspect of our operation is safe, productive and worry free for our clients.

The Safety Department ensures that the interests of our highly skilled and professional driver force are addressed, including the development and facilitation of training programs.   Rosedale relies on this department to ensure the company’s high safety standards are met and maintained.

Our safe and professional drivers are recognized through Rosedale’s Driver Performance Bonus Program.

Rosedale’s driver training program includes:

  • Defensive driving
  • Cargo securement
  • Loads and dimensions
  • Pallet control
  • Customs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Specialized equipment
  • Hours of service – Canada and the United States
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Safety inspection
  • Satellite communications
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • New regulations (Canada and U.S.)
  • Existing regulations
  • In-house procedures


Over the last decade technology has been a key driver in providing effective transportation services. We have responded to those challenges and are continually looking at ways of improving our systems to give customers the information they need in a user friendly, real time format.

Systems you can trust

  • TMW - TruckMate for Windows Enterprise Software
  • Crystal Reporting Software
  • Datex - Warehouse Management Software
  • Shaw Tracking
  • SkyBitz Asset Tracking


Personal Care

What we have found throughout the evolution of our business is that it is still very much about relationships; relationships with our customers, our suppliers and with the over 800 people that make up our organization. The management and staff at Rosedale are very accessible, eager to listen and respond with actions that move towards getting problems solved and the job done and done right. Our promise to perform is part of every shipment we move at Rosedale.

By maintaining close relationships with our customers, we will be able to anticipate their needs ,assist them in their growth and provide them with our expert advice.

We have steadily improved our human resources, technology, equipment and terminal network to provide a very personalized and quality transportation service to our customers. 

Why Rosedale

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The Whole Package

Loyal customers, committed suppliers and dedicated staff: we’re only successful thanks to our people. We’re able to stay human-friendly since we’re a privately-held, family-owned company, but we’ve still established a reputation that goes beyond the family and into the industry.

We’re known for our: 


Personal Care

Rosedale’s biggest strength is our people: the personal care with which we treat our customers is what keeps them coming back. Our employees are infamous for going the extra mile to help customers, above and beyond their job descriptions. It’s more than a tagline: Our people truly make it happen. Read more about Rosedale’s tradition of personal care.



Core to being an effective transporter is being able to track, report and improve what we do. As our fleet criss-crosses the continent, our customers are kept informed with user-friendly, real-time reports. Read more about the technology that sets Rosedale apart.



Rosedale takes responsibility: for our people, for our equipment, and for your freight. We’ve invested heavily in staff, training and equipment to reflect our commitment to safety, through initiatives like Rosedale’s Driver Performance Bonus Program. The result is our record. Read more about what makes Rosedale one of the safest shippers in the business.