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What we have found throughout the evolution of our business is that it is still very much about relationships; relationships with our customers, our suppliers, and with the over 800 people that make up our organization. The management and staff at Rosedale are very accessible, eager to listen, and respond with actions that move towards getting problems solved and the job done and done right. Our promise to perform is part of every shipment we move at Rosedale.

By maintaining close relationships with our customers, we will be able to anticipate their needs, assist them in their growth and provide them with our expert advice.

We have steadily improved our human resources, technology, equipment, and terminal network to provide a very personalized and quality transportation service to our customers.

Dedicated Customer Care Team
Ensure positive, pleasant, and productive interactions every time you get in touch with us. A highly-trained, knowledgeable Customer Care Team will answer your questions and resolve issues.
Safe, Secure Storage
We maintain high standards of cleanliness and organization, so you can rest easy knowing your products are secure.
Long Term Customer Relationships
Rosedale believes in going the extra mile, which is why we place such emphasis on relationships and customer satisfaction. Expect nothing less than personal attention and personalized service that keeps you trucking with Rosedale for years.
Gain Visibility Into Your Shipment

Track shipments in real-time with advanced satellite tracking systems. Our team can also provide up-to-date status updates, making sure you can make informed decisions.

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