April 17, 2019

Proud to be part of the Rosedale Team, Monica Rayner

We were approached to help out a Charity who had received all the Toys from Toys R Us locations that were closing down. They took all the toys and sorted them and found charities with children that would be happy to receive them. They had various charities within the GTA to deliver these toys to and needed help getting them there. When asked to help out a charity for a toy drive, Ron Uloth did not give a second thought and agreed to deliver whatever needed to be done. There was a list and he checked it twice and away we went. This could not have happened without the help of our dispatch team who spent the time to put the pickup and delivery schedule together to make sure everything went smoothly. Pat McDonnell got the sleigh rolling by successfully picking up all 27 skids safely. All the dock crew who offloaded and loaded the 27 skids of toys for their destinations. All the elves who delivered the freight in a timely and successful manner, you are truly appreciated.
Great job everyone and thank you very much, there are children who will be getting toys this year that they never would have imagined! I also heard we have another elf on the shelf who generously donated his time and efforts to deliver toys on his own, Mike Kerber. Unknowingly he was delivering for the same charity in his area. When speaking with him he said it was for a good cause.
Good hearts all around

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