April 17, 2019

Container Traffic in Canada

We have over the last decade become heavily involved in the movement of goods from China, Korea, Austria, Germany and other parts of the world. We work with both importers and distributors to advise and assist in the forwarding of container that can go direct to inland points for distribution in those market places. For example, a shipper may have inbound containers destined for Canada. However, the final destination for much of the products is more likely needed to reach major centers, such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Because we are strategically located across the country, we will advise our customers to destine a certain number of containers to the proper location within our network for cost-effective distribution and timely deliveries. We have warehousing capabilities in all major locations, where we can ensure the orders are broken down as required, whether it be pick and pack, labeling product, palletizing product, whatever the customer requires the end result to be, Rosedale will make it happen. This eliminates receiving, packing and shipping for the importer and obviously makes the customer very satisfied because of the fast turnaround, minimal handling which reduces potential claims. These value added services go beyond our day to day operations as a transportation company but bring our customers closer to us, we continually have to reinvent ourselves and do what we do better, with greater flexibility with more cost effectiveness. We have to work harder, work smarter and do what we do better on a daily basis.

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