April 17, 2019

Challenges and Changes

At Rosedale, challenges and changes in the supply chain of our customer base and the industry in general, is part and parcel of the transportation services we offer. We believe it is vitally important to stay abreast of what is happening today, be informed as to what our customers and the transportation industry is contemplating for tomorrow, next month and next year. We do this by not only meeting and discussing opportunities with the various Logistic Professionals of our customers, but also by interacting with our customer’s Senior Management, up to and including the President and Senior Sales Managers. We then prepare viable options for discussion purposes, so they, and we, can make the best decision from both a service and rate perspective. This enables us to fulfill their particular supply chain requirements in the immediate and long-term future. In this way, we provide for our customers a one-stop solution to all their transportation requirements, and with the relationships we gain from this value added service, we have customers that come to rely on us for advice on future opportunities.

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