Transportation and Warehousing Company Serving Canada and the U.S. Locations

Serving North America

Rosedale offers domestic transportation and warehousing storage in Canada and the continental U.S., with a focus on the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern states.

Enjoy seamless cross-border transportation with an experienced partner that maintains 15 terminals across Canada and U.S. See all our current locations.

Extensive Fleet

Rosedale today maintains a fleet of 40 straight trucks, 500 tractors, and 1300 trailers. Our team of 800-strong monitors and manages the operation 24/7 and supports businesses like yours to keep supply chains fulfilled.

The Rosedale Group is a privately-held, family-owned Canadian company. Opening its door with a fleet of one truck and two customers, today, Rosedale has grown to 15 terminals with a fleet of 40 straight trucks, 500 tractors, and 1300 trailers that are operated and supported by over 800 employees.

From Small Beginnings
The Rosedale Group began over 50 years ago with a ‘fleet’ comprising one truck and two customers. That laid the foundation for what would become an expansive transportation and warehousing business.
Spanning Coast-to-Coast

Since then, we have become one of the top trucking companies in Canada, expanding beyond our terminals in Mississauga, Montreal, and Ottawa. That grew to include London, Barrie, Quebec City, Granby, and Dalton, Georgia.

In 2001, Rosedale connected to Western Canada, with terminals now in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Kelowna.

Cross-Border Services

Driving products across the border is one thing, but maintaining a seamless supply chain takes one of the leading shipping companies near you. Rosedale has been approved for:

Fully-Trained Customer Service Team

Whether it’s last-minute changes or status updates, our customer service team ensures positive interactions every time. You will speak to knowledgeable agents who understand your priorities and are empowered to resolve your query.

Organization at the Core
Get peace of mind that your products are being housed in a safe, clean, organized warehouse when you choose us for warehousing services.

Join the Rosedale Team

The Rosedale Group offers one of the most proficient and diverse career environments in the today’s transportation industry. When you join Rosedale, you become part of a family of talented individuals dedicated to providing world class service.




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